Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 11

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll bring you a review on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 11 “Bold Innovation”, which aired on December 1st.

On this episode, Tim Gunn was with Brian Bolain, Lexus USA General Manager of Product and Consumer Marketing presenting the challenge – they need to be bold and inovative because this is an unconventional – avantgarde challenge! The contestants had 5 minutes to choose the materials that were on the warehouse. Also, Lexus give the contestants the opportunity to go to mood on their new car! On mood, the designers would buy the complementary fabrics.

This week’s ghest judges was actress and director of the show unREAL Shiri Appleby.

So let’s see the garments and the critiques!

Roberi – Sexy AI


Roberi has a really interesting style. His inspiration on aerodynamics was amazing and the shapes that he did with the metals were beautiful. Everyone was very impressed with the concept and how everything went togehter so weel. I really liked the touch of the mask, with the metalic meke-up underneath, because it sends a artificial intelligence vibe and I love sci-fi.

Mah-Jing – Auf wiedersehen


So, as Roberi, the shapes that Mah-Jing created were also beautiful. The denin goes well with the copper, the details look amazing on the dress, but there are two major problems – it’s not avantgarde enough (just a denin little sleeveless dress with some volume) and it could have been more meticulously maid (the fitting could be so much better, it looked unfinished in some areas). As Nina pointed, he used the material as a decoration as not as a part of the garment. And for all of that he went home. Just a little note about Mah-Jing – does he not made the most awesome sketches? I always love his drawings, you can really see all the details of his creative process, it’s incredible.

Rik – Metal Dress


I loved Rik’s garment. I would totally buy that dress! Again, it’s a little black dress – not avantgarde enough. The tiles, the metals, with the leather resulted in an amazing piece. Zac Posen said this was the most fabulous execution of this runway, and it truly was – this was perfectly maid.

Cornelius – Parasite Future


Cornelius’ inspiration was about living organisms and how parasites incorporate on other bodys. And that’s exactly how it looks! The problem for me was the placement of the tubes, it made it seemed weird for me. Without it, the dress is not bad at all. Nina was trying to understand the process of the garment, maybe to justify some of the creative decisions, but everything went like Cornelius imagined! So, it’s a matter of taste, and for me it didn’t work. He was second to last against Mah-Jing, but the judges gave him another opportunity.

Laurence – (1+) Little Black Dress


Another little black dress that I would by any time! I think I say this about all Laurence’s pieces, but the fact is that she always make the most badass polished garments! Heidi give the hint that it would be a good surprise if she used a bright color – keep this advice Laurence, you might need it for the finale! Every judge agreed with the color statement, and I was a little sad because she really tried to use color (she painted the belt blue for the braided effect on the skirt) but it wasn’t enough – she needed to be more bold!

Erin – Winner of the Week


Yes, Erin’s back! I really loved this garment, the paperdoll inspiration was on point, the flowers looked amazing (Nina said this would photograph beautifully) and every judge love it. I was really upset with this situation on the work room – Erin was about to glue the metal flower to the leather and Mah-Jing advised her not to use that kind of glue, because it would foam and not be transparent, and she didn’t listen! On the next day, all the flowers were ruined, because se used the glue anyway and she didn’t even apologize to Mah-Jing, who was being a good friend. She just didn’t care. But that’s personal, design wise I think she’s amazing.

These were my opinions on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 11!

What did you think about the garments? Do you agree with me? Let me know on the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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