Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 10

Hi everyone!

This is the “Have you seen it” for Project Runway Season 15 Episode 10! This episode aired on November 17th and it is called “Project Rewind: Non-model Challenges”.

This week the constestants had to meet Tim Gunn, who arrived in an helicopter! And he was not alone, he brought Anne Fulenwider, the Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Magazine! For this challenge, the designers had to create an editorial look inspired by a flyover of New York City. The flyover was fun, they had time to relax and just observe the buildings and the mood of the city. And, of course, the winning look will have a fashion spread on Marie Claire.

Also, today’s ghest judges are Anne Fulenwider (who also is going to be a judge on the next Project Runway All Stars) and the actress Camilla Belle.

Since this is an editorial challenge, I’ll comment on Tim’s critique on the review of the garments, so it can be close to the photos and more understanding for you. And since there are few contestants, I’m also going to comment every piece! Here’s my opinions!

Laurence – Little Black Dress


So, Laurence was saved this week. Honestly, I prefer the original idea in the sketch, but I think the dress is stuning! I would by this in an heart beat! The skyline on the waist should be more proeminent so you can perceive it, the lace on top of it took the complex thought away from the piece, making it just a little cute dress – it’s concept was a lot more than that. Anyway, I loved it!

Roberi – Mixing again


Roberi was also saved. He had a concept about a flying silk over the sholders of the model, that Tim recomended to be aware of the overall outfit – that engineering could look great, but it would mean nothing if the dress underneath was not good enough. So Roberi change the outfit and I think it was a wise decision that granted him a passage to the next week of the competition.

Mah-Jing – Black powerfull Woman


Mah-Jing took inspiration on the vision from the helicopter. The mixture of the tweed and the denin really worked out, it looks very polished and chic. All the judges loved it. As Heidi, my only critique is that the bust pattern is a little too high. Tim Gunn advised him to be watchfull about the fitting, that’s what he did and it paid off. Well done, Mah-Jing!

Nathalia – Auf Wiedersehen


She took inspiration on the reflection of the buildings and the contrast between the water. I think her concept is very cool, it was a fresh idea to bring a jumpsuit to this particular runway (where everyone did dresses) but it didn’t work out. The materials weren’t her best choice (Heidi ever said it looked like a kid’s costume, like the blue power ranger; Nina said it could be on Comic Con). This is the second challenge where the judges critique Nathalia’s construction skills, but she didn’t took their advise wisely – and for that, she went home this week.

Erin – Less is more!


So, everyone loved Erin’s garment, I just hated it. I understand what the judges said about being a good outfit for an editorial photoshoot, but I don’t think is pretty (it’s not ugly), I just doesn’t speak to me. I agree with Nina, when she says this is not a great dress, it’s not a great dress by Erin, but is a safe bet. She had comething totally different when Tim Gunn came by, she had an awful pink oversize vest, and she change her whole concept and started from nothing. And by then, she only had half of the time to conclude the piece. So, yey for Erin’s time management. By being on the bottom for the past 4 times, she really wanted to make something more this time, and she did. She took it up a notch and it paid off. Sometimes you don’t need a big coat, less is more!

Rik – Grace in the front, sad in the back!


Rik took inspiration on the statue of Liberty, made the print himself (Tim loved it) and decided to follow his gut without questioning it. Unfortunally, his decision of letting the back of the dress unsfinished betrayed him. Everyone was amazed by the dress until the model turned around. They all agreed it was a bad decision and that he could have won the challenge if he did a full gracefull dress. Better luck next time, Rik!

Cornelius – Winner of the Challenge


Cornelius’ garment was the judges favorite. He told them how he was inspired by the over view of the golf court, and he tried to do a structure (like the buildings) and a layer work (like the landscapes). He bought a lot of leather in different colors and happen to made a simple and tasteful look. It turned out really beautiful and he proved everyone that he deserved Tim’s wild card. And after all the drama, I was really happy for him. Good job, Cornelius!

Dexter – Auf wiedersehen 2.0


I really liked Dexter’s look. The see-through dress was very nice, and the jacket (even tho it is a copy of another look he did) was not bad. She sure is powerful and edgy. But the judges felt like it was a little costumy. As an editorial I think it would look amazing. The thing that I didn’t like is that Dexter didn’t handle the judges critiques about the repeat of the jacket – he started to talk back, saying that other designers come there week after week with the same aesthetics, and he’s trying to be fashion-foward. I thought that was a childish atittude, you should respond to a critique with a humble atittude (because the judges are there to help you become a better designer), and not an agressive one.  Once again, he came out second to last place. But, to compensate the “return” of Cornelius, two people were eliminated, and Dexter went home as well as Nathalia.

So, these were my opinions about the episode 10!

What did you think of this challenge? Let me know in the comments or in my social media!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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