Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll bring you a review on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9 “Life Is Full of Surprises”, which aired on November 10th.

So, this week’s challenge was presented by Tim Gunn and Barbara Shipley, the Senior Vice President of Brand Integration, AARP. This company help people over 50 years to acomplished their dreams, and begin a new chapter in their lives. This week models will be the contestants family! Moms, daugthers, partners and friends came on the work room, and it was a very overwhelmed moment. On the top of that, AARP will give 25.000 dolars to the winning look, and the same amount to the client (contestant’s loved one) for the begin of the his/her new chapter!

For this two-day challenge, the designers had time to consult with they family members and sketch. Model fitting was on the second day and the contestants used the time to fit the pieces that thay already had and try on some accessories. Tim Gunn made the critique with the designers and their clients, trying to understand the client’s life and next chapter, to see if it adapts with the outfit. Overall, Tim’s concerns were about Jenni (funky pants), Nathalia (graphic leather jacket) and Erin (bad lace, same old coat that she always does). He also advised Dexter to spice up his look.

This week’s ghest judges were Olivia Culpo (Fashion and Beauty Expert) and Katia Beauchamp (Co-Founder and CEO of Birchbox and investor on Lifetime’s Project Runway Start Up). Here’s my opinions on the garments that stood out the most!

Dexter – Saved One


So, Dexter, Cornelius and Laurence were saved this week, but from the three, Dexter’s outfit was so edgy and confy. His friend was a very cool urban girl, and this oversized sleeve dress was amazing. Good job!

Roberi – The perfect Friendship


The judges loved Roberi’s work this week. He has a real talent for mixing fabric and you could see in his friend’s smile that she was very happy with the result. His client is his best friend, she is an graphic designer and they decided on a cocktail dress for a party with friends or clients. Personally, I didn’t really relate to the fabric choice, although the top of the dress was very beautiful.

Erin – The same old Coat


Her mom is a mormon and works on the University of Utah and Erin’s took inspiration on the metamorphosis, how there’s a cacun on the outside and a beautiful colorful butterfly inside – a comparison on a woman living a mormon life, when she had so much more inside than what she can reveal. Nina Garcia thought that the oversize wintercoat doesn’t match the girly lace dress underneath and all of the judges agreed. The client liked the outfit, because on Utah there’s not a lot of shops where you can by edgy clothes, and she felt nice wearing a colorful different garment for a change.

Rik – Winner of the Week


Rik’s mom, after a single-mom life, finally had the time to enroll on college and had her bachelor’s on organization management to get the promotion she always wanted. So, he decided on a professional outfit, with a dress and a jacket, inspired on the mariachi stitching. The client were so satisfatisfied and the judges loved this work, how he fitted her beautifully and made her feel special. Rik really deserved to be the winner, and he also previously had a conversation with his mom, saying that if they won, he would give his money to her, for all the support she gave him through the years. And it’s emotional to see them winning.

Jenni – Auf Wiedersehen


Jenni had problems during all phases of this challenge. On the sketching time, her mom didn’t know what she wanted (“it could be for a party, or for work, or for a  ceremony”) and that made Jenni very confused. On mood, she brought some funky fabric and decided on a casual look, for work and going out. Tim Gunn was very concerned about the pants. Heidi Klum thought it was one of the worst pieces, a little juvenile and sloppy. Nina Garcia said that for a School Director, that outfit don’t show a professional and sophisticated atittude. The t-shirt didn’t worked for me, and I thinks Jenni’s mom is more beautiful than the outfit shows. She ended up going home.

Mah-Jing – Empire’s worth Outfit


Mah-Jing’s mom is in the music industry trying to fund a new label and they wanted something that showed power and confidence. Nina said she looked like a badass and everyone agreed that Mah-Jing did a wonderful job.

Nathalia – Travelling


Nathalia’s mom is going to travel Europe and she’s wearing a confy oversize coat, with big pockets to put her ID and passport, with confy pants. Nina Garcia agreed that the coat was a good option for travelling but the proportions of the whole outfit didn’t look good. Even the silluete without the coat was wrong, because it was too baggy on the both sides, and the client had an amazing body. Heidi thought the coat seemed very hard and not confortable. And for a two-day challenge, the coat was not finished and that’s not acceptable. She was very lucky this week.


These were my opinions on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9!

What did you think about the garments? Do you agree with me? Let me know on the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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