“Have you seen it” Project Runway Season 15 Episode 8

Hi everyone!

This is the “Have you seen it” for Project Runway Season 15 Episode 8! This episode aired on November 3rd and it is called “Project Pop Up”.

This week’s challenge was presented by Tim Gunn and Gregory Patterson, the Lead Hair Stylist for Sally Beauty. The runway will happen on the Project Runway Sally Beauty pop-up shop, a first on the show’s history, which will be located at Soho.

Two twists!

1) The public will also vote on their favorites! While the models are on the pop-up store, the public will have a button and they will put that on their favorite showcase – the public vote will count 20% of the final critique;

2) This is a team challenge. Each team will create a three look collection inspired by a color palette.

Here’s the teams, the process and the looks!

Team Red – Erin, Dexter and Cornelius

They brought this punk/grunge red and pink vibe to the table on the 30 minute sketch. Dexter and Erin (they’re bffs) are leading the group, while Cornelius is a little bit left out. Erin wants to go back to the oversized jackets that she’s good making and I think that’s a good decision. But then she was kind of fighting Cornelius about a fabric – are you kidding? You’re on the same team! During the creative process, it looked like the bffs were only using Cornelious for the manual labor, not asking him on design decisions. When he finally had a voice, he gave really good ideas that would make the collection much better. But he still was their slave through the whole process.


This ended up being the losing collection. I loved all the pieces, the only one that I wouldn’t use is Dexter’s dress/vest (look 2) because I’m a busty girl and that cleavage would be impossible to wear. The judges thought there was too much red, they should have brough more to the game, compairing with the other collections. Then, when they asked each contestant who they thought should go home, of course Erin and Dexter through Cornelius under the bus, and all the drama was on the surface. I felt really sorry for Cornelius and I wished he told the judges all the things that went wrong – he defended himself but still tried not to point fingers at Erin and Dexter – who, by the way, didn’t have any problems pointing fingers at Cornelius and his work. For me, Cornelius was the one who shouldn’t be sent home! Keep reading till the end to find out who is in and who was out!

Team Neutral – Jenni, Nathalia and Mah-Jing

On the sketching process they were all contributing with ideas but the problems started at Mood – as Cornelius, Mah-Jing is on a bffs team, and he started to feel that Jenni and Nathalia weren’t listen to his ideas. On the work room, they would have secret metting while Mah-Jing was working and that’s just a low move. They don’t have the right to make their teammate feel leftout, that hurts other people’s feelings, creates a toxic working environment and will harm the final product. By the critique, none of the team members were confident about the collection and with Tim’s advice, they ended up changing the three looks.


So, Team Neutral won the public vote. At the end, they were safe. I really like the pieces that this team made – for me, the only problem was really the neutral colors, that I personally don’t think are very flattering (not on anyone, but specially not on me!) and I find it kind of boring. Nevertheless, my favorite garment was the first one, made by Jenni. Nathalia’s bomber (look 2) was very cool too, and of course, Mah-Jing’s garment was powerfull as usual (look 3).

Blue – Rik, Laurence and Roberi

This is a very unique team. I think that if they can mix Rik’s and Roberi’s concepts with the mastery of Laurence’s sewing skills, they would do a wonderfull job. On Tim Gunn’s critique, he saw potencial on the collection, but also was overwhelmed by some of the pieces. He suggested they pushed foward, to up the simple pieces without overdesigning it.


The winner team! Personally, this wasn’t my favorite because I hate the color. I only like some particular shades of blue, it is a color that I don’t wear that much and don’t like seeing on clothes – however, I think is a beautiful color on make-up, specially on brown eyes, and for that reason I do it a lot (but enough about me!). Despite my hate, the team spirit, the camaraderie, the need to reinvent themselves and their concepts, the strength to have a “make it work” moment and be sucessfull in it made this team the one who deserved to win. Design wise, I really loved Roberi skirt (look 2) and both Laurence’s (look 1) and Rik’s (look 3) jackets. The judges loved everything and pointed out that this is a true collection – because you can pick any piece and put it up with any other one and it makes a beautiful look!

So, after the judges critique, the drama went crazy on the contestants room. Rik, Mah-Jing and Nathalia defended Cornelius against Dexter and Erin – saying they through him under the bus because they’re friends and that’s it! Fortunatelly, when the judges were analysing the garments, Tim Gunn explained the situation, saying “there were two mean girls” on the red team, and they just beat him up.

At the end of the day, Roberi was the winner of the challenge! I really though his look was the most original of the bunch, and it’s his first win!

The auf wiedersehen of the week went to Cornelius – and this was the most unfair decision on the show so far. But then, our savior, Tim Gunn, used his save card to keep him on the competition! YAS!

So, these were my opinions about the episode 8!

What did you think of this challenge? Let me know in the comments or in my social media!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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