Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 7

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll bring you a review on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 7 “Welcome to the Urban Jungle”, which aired on October 27th.

On this episode, Heidi Klum thought the contestants were too tired and needed some “vacantions”, so they were sent to Universal Orlando Resort to meet a special ghest. When they arrived, they met with Tim Gunn and Mike West, the Director/ Executive Producer Universal Creative, who introduced them to a new multidimensional experience ‘Skull Island – Reign of Kong’. So, for this challenge, they will use the expedition on the attraction to get inspiration for a streetwear look for the urban jungle. After the ride on the rollescoster, they had the usual 30 minutes to sketch and the trip to mood.

On Tim Gunn’s critique, everything went smooth. He told Dexter to trust his own gut, he didn’t understood Nathalia’s vision of urban jungle, he was concerned about Erin’s time management (she was doing embroidery, since last weeks drama) and for the first time in the past weeks, Mah-Jing received a good critique!

This episode’s guest judges were fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and actress Carly Chaikin (omg don’t you love her on Mr. Robot? and it is such a different character from the one she played on Suburgatory!). From this point further, there’s no immunity – the designers only hope will be Tim Gunn’s save, since he didn’t used it so far.

So let’s see the garments!

Erin – You have to make it work!


The theoretical concept was good, the result was awful. The embroidery didn’t work, it didn’t felt like the jungle theme, and all of the judges were disappointed. I hated the shorts the most – the top was cool but not finished. She’s just being caught up by the pressure on the competition, let’s hope that doesn’t send her home too early. She was one of my favorites from the begin of the show, and she’s slowly going down the road.

Dexter – Cool or Silly?


I loved Dexter garment! Everything was so thoughtfully done, there was so much detail in everything – he even handpainted the skull buttons! The only thing that I would change is the shoulder pads – I hated them, but the overall look was fantastic. Unlike Erin’s, the shorts were amazing! Unfortunally, the only judge that like Dexter’s look was Nina Garcia. Heidi even thought it was just silly.

Nathalia – Overrated look


So, here’s the opposite. All judges loved Nathalia’s work this week. The jacket was cool, but I hate the color; the pants fitted nice with the shoes that she chose but I think I’ve seen these type of pants a million times before and she ended it with an oversize white t-shirt. Meh. A look that should have been safe for me.


Laurence – Winner of the Week


As usual, Laurence’s look was incredible. She wasn’t very confident abou the crotch area of the pants (and the judges noticed that), but I think it turned out really great (look at a really good baggy pair of pants Nathalia!). The signature leather jacket that Laurence has got us used to is beautiful. The thing that I love about Laurence’s work is that everything is store ready – everyone would buy that and wear it right away because it’s technically perfect.

Cornellius – Just a messy mess


I won’t be doing much comments about this garment. Hated everything, like Nina Garcia said, the concept might have been good, but he ruined it all with the poor construction. This is the perfect comparison to do with Laurence, Cornelius’ look looks like a school project rather than Laurence’s look, who seems pulled out from a store.

Brik – Auf  Wiedersehen


As always, too many ideas. I think if you wear that pair of pants with the right top it would be lovely, because they’re very cool and unique. The top is a total mess. Even the model didn’t felt good in it! He was on the bottom so many time that I’m surprised he survived this far on the competition. He had really good ideas but he couldn’t produced them.

Jenni – Keep it up!


She was saved this week, but I think she should have been on top, instead of Nathalia. Her look was very fun, the only think that I didn’t like was the shoes. Overall I thought it looked very young, fresh and original.

Here were my opinions on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 7!

What did you think about the garments? Do you agree with me? Let me know on the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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