Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 6

Hi everyone! This is the “Have you seen it” for Project Runway Season 15 Episode 6! This episode aired on October 20th and it is called “There IS Crying in Fashion”.

This episode started on a cocktail party on Elyx House, with the judges and contestants being interviewed by bloggers and press, while still having a nice conversation with each other about fashion and their personal lives – this social event made the judges and contestants to get to know each other. Then, the CEO of Absolut Elyx made a speech about their product – Absolut Vodka Copper Pineapple – and proposed a toast. With that line, Heidi presented that week’s challenge – a luxurious cocktail dress, with a 300 dollars budget, inspired by the Elyx House.

So, everybody had their own approach to the cocktail dress. By the time Tim Gunn went in, everyone had a dress (or parts of it) to show. Unfortunatelly, the critique didn’t go as expected for some contestants. Tim Gunn advised Tasha, Cornelius, Roberi, Nathalia and Mah-Jing to totally re-do their garments, to actually make it work. He even said that Nathalia’s dress was a “go home” outfit. Everyone’s “second dress” turned out so much better that the first one’s.

Dexter and Erin became really good friends on the past week, but they use this cumplicity to talk trash about the other contestant’s dresses. They were conviced that they would be on the top and win the challenge, because they had confidence on their garment and they were the first people to finished it. They’ve became so cocky and that will show to the judges, I hope they learn a lesson soon. You’ve got to be humble, although this is a competition, you should depend on your own sucess, not on other’s failures. And worse, Dexter and Erin talked about Jenni, sugesting that she copied Erin’s last weeks embelishments – because she is using the same one’s that Erin used, but in a different color. I actually think that she didn’t want to copy, it just spoke to her on mood and she bought it – and she’s doing a totally different appliance. And I became certain that Jenni isn’t that mean, because Nathalia had no fabric to do a new dress, and Jenni gave her her own leftover fabric – and that’s being a good friend.

Dramas aside, let’s see the dresses that I thought were worth mention!

Dexter – The lucker


Despite my current feelings for Dexter (lol) I thought this was a cute dress. I would never wear something like this, but I usually hate fringe but I really liked the way he used it. The judges didn’t like this garment and Heidi even warned him that if he didn’t have the immunity from the last challenge he would be on the bottom. He was kind of arrogant about the critique, but ended up being safe.

Erin – Better luck next time!


So, this week Erin disappointed me – and the judges! They thought the dress was to “costumy”, it was not very creative and the feathers didn’t help. I truly love the fabric that she chose, but the overall look was too much. She had proved herself before on this competition, but this shows that literally “one day you’re in, and next day you’re out”. It was a down point for Erin, but she was safed.

Jenni – The “copycat” winner


On the last challenge, Erin used that shiny stripes in blue as an embellishment on the yellow coat that I showed you before. Here, Jenni used it all over the dress and I think it stood out and made the dress really pretty. The judges noticed it too, and Nina Garcia even commented on that, saying that using the same things in different ways is good, it means that they are inspiring each other to do better. And it really made Jenni a better designer. Even though she ended up winning this challenge, the dress was not that amazing.

Laurance – Little black leather dress


I loved this, everyone loved this. Just a little black dress with a structured leather shoulder, perfectly sewed and constructed. This is Laurence signature and it stands out everytime. The runway is anonymous, the judges don’t know which designer made which garment, but it’s always easy to see which is Laurance’s. Zac Poser refered that she maybe becoming a little repetitive but I don’t feel that, I think she’s very cohesive in a very competent way. This was my favorite garment of all, I would wear it for sure! For me, this should have been the winning look.

Nathalia – Beaded mess


I hated her first dress and I still hate this one. Nathalia spent half of her budget on this beaded fabric (which I think it could work if this was a red carpet or an avantgard challenge) and it made the dress awfull – even the fabric that Jenni gave her couldn’t save this. The judges thought it was poorly constructed and very far from the creative expectation on this point of the competition. This creativity critique sues all of the contestants, Zac Posen was really disappoint on this runway – I kind of think that is right, despite the cute dresses that shown up, there was no wow piece, no dress that you would’ve said “I never saw this before”.

Tasha – Auf wiedersehen


Her first dress was a picnic dress, and this is just a simple dress with a shining belt on the waist – she was just trying to hard to make something that is out of her confort zone. She couldn’t update her own style to match the challenge, she tried to fit in and failed. And for that, she was sent home.


These were my opinions about the episode 6!

What did you think of this challenge? Let me know in the comments or in my social media!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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