Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 5

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry for this hiatus, but I promise I’m here to stay! This ‘Have you seen it?’is about episode 5 which aired on October 13th and it was called “There is no I in Team”, and as you can read, it was the first team challenge of the season! This was the “Mary Kay Challenge”, where guest Luis Casco (Mary Kay Global Beauty Ambassador) explained about the MK concept of empowering the independent entrepeneur and modern women – with this said, the teams should create a mini-collection with 4 looks, no theme restrictions.

The twist is on the Mood budget – the budget of each team will depend on how well they can pitch their collections to mystery investores, who will provide the money for shopping at Mood! I thought this was really exciting, because to have sucess in this business, talent is important but not enough – you have to have the talent, the skill, the strategy, the marketing and the communication skills to prove to the world that you product is worthy. Each mystery investor has 1000 dolars to split between the teams. Each team had 45 minutes to prep the pitch and each member of the winner team will receive 5000 dolars from Mary Kay, to start their business!

So, here’s the teams and their budget!

Team Unity – Alex Snyder (pitcher), Mah-Jing, Cornelius, Nathalia, Rik & Roberi – Their collection was about women empowerment, with structured pieces with black a navy base that the entrepreneur woman the confidence to conquer the world.

Zac Posen 200$ + Heidi Klum 400$ + Nina Garcia 200$ = Total budget of 600$

Team Button Bag – Dexter (pitcher), Brik Allen, Erin, Laurence, Tasha & Jenni – Their costumer is a fashion foward woman with some income that is edgy and fun. Their pieces are structured pants and jackets.

Zac Posen  800$ + Heidi Klum  600$ + Nina Garcia 800$ = Total budget of 2.200$

The reason why the investors gave Team Button Bag the greater amout of money was because the pieces that they showed were more edgy and different that the other team’s. Also, Alex was the pitcher for his team because he bragged about his finance background and it ended up being a boring talking with boeing sketches. Dexter’s presentation were more about the design and the client, the team appealed to the investors with an honest sense of design, with the promise that they would gather everyone strengths and make a beautiful cohesive collection.

Team Unity became a little desorganized during the shopping at Mood, they were not on the same page about the fabrics, and it went on and on. All the members are roommates, expect Mah-Jing and he felt a little like an outsider. What concerns the collection, Tim Gunn liked the pieces but gave them advice about the color palette. On the creative phase, Team Button Bag change their name to House of Bouton, to give it a little fancy vibe. At the critique, Tim Gunn said that their collection was a little over the place – although all the pieces were beautiful they needed to modernize it, it seemed like the they were design for different clients. Both teams made it work to the last minute, so lets see the collections!

Team Unity – Losing Team


The judges said that the collection was too dark and although they were good pieces, they didn’t “fit together”. Heidi Klum said Mah-Jings vest (outfit #2) was her favorite piece. Zac Posen liked Nathalia’s jacket but didn’t liked to see it with those pants (outfit #3). I really liked the printed pant and jacked, the fabric is amazing. Alex’s dress (outfit #4) was awfull. Nina Garcia hated almost everything, and one of the things that she stood out was that the collection didn’t match the “career woman” that they presented on the pitch. I think that is an huge mistake, designers with their experience should have been more thoughtfull with the pitch and with the delivery. If the judged didn’t like it anyway, it was a matter of taste and not a matter of false expectations. After the critique, the team mates had to vote which team member should go home, and the results were Roberi (1), Cornelius (1), Nathalia (1), Alex (3). Every member that received a vote actually voted for themselves to be out, and that’s a really noble think to do. But I really think that Alex was the one who should have gone home, he ran the team, made the pitch and did (for me) the worst garment of the collection. He ended up being the “auf wiedersehen” of the week.

Team House of Bouton – Winning Team


They wanted their client to be a modern working woman and they did it. The judges critiques were very positive: that they made a new suit, an outfit which can be boring, and theirs were edgy, the pop of yellow were a great choice, the embelishments elevated the collection and made it more cohesive. Zac Posen hated the jersey dress (outfit #2), but the rest of the pieces ended up saving the collection. I loved the collection, I would wear every piece, I loved the yellow and my favorite piece was Erin’s jacket!

For the winner of the challenge, each team member had to vote which mate they think that deserved to win, and votes were for Erin (2), Dexter (2) and Laurence (2). Dexter ended up being the winner and I think he really deserved it! He will received the 5000 dolars (as well as the rest of his team) and he also will appear on a Mary Kay spread on Marie Claire magazine! Good luck Dexter 🙂

These were my opinions about the episode 5!

What did you think of this challenge? Let me know in the comments or in my social media!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com



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