My audience – Who are you?

Hello Everyone!

Here’s another assignment for Teen vogue x Parsons fashion course! On course 4 – Working in Fashion Media we were asked to write a story on our blog about you guys! Who are our audience? What do they like? Let’s find out!




First of all, thank you for having an interest on what I have to say! So, this month had the most visits of all, because I’ve been updating it more! Here’s the proof that if you motivate yourself to do what you like, the people will notice! Second, the most visited page is my Homepage, which normal because I have the link in all my social media (and not always have the direct link to the specific publication). And third, but the most important for me, is that I have visitors from olher countries, other than Portugal – this proves that the decision of writing in english wasn’t the wrong one! Almost 20% of my viewers are from olher coutries, so I will keep this page with the international language.




This data is from Mara’s Artistry facebook page and it’s totally crazy! These results are from the pass week and I reached 354 people! It’s awesome to see the page growing, 63 people view my page. I know that for some blogger/youtubers these numbers are nothing, but for me it’s amazing the 16 people bothered to like my page!


I’ll also learned that my audience are more availabre on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays and preffer the night time to read me, so I’ll have that in consideration on the future posts!


And finally, thank you so much for being on the other side of the screen ‘hearing’ what I have to say! Do you keep track on your blog numbers? Comment bellow or on my social media!


See you soon*

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