How to do your “signature bag” – Part 2

Hello Everyone!

Here’s the part 2 of the ‘How to do your “signature bag”‘ series. So, last time we talked about the creative process and gave you an hint of the production costs. Now, I’ve already made the bag and I’m here to tell you all about it!

So, if you remember, our bag had a total cost + profit of 25.45€ and I propose a retail price of 43.90€. Now, let’s see how much it really did cost to make. First of all, I didn’t buy any fabric, I used some old jeans that I had around and tint them with special black dye paint. I bought a zipper and a bottle of fabric paint. As you could see on the sketch, the purse was to be black and gold, but I couldn’t find gold fabric paint anywhere! I went to 10 different places, and even if they had all the colors, the gold was always missing! That’s why, it is silver. I didn’t bought the chains, I used the waistband of my jeans as an handler. And I glue it all together with an hot glue gun. So let’s take a look on the numbers so far:

Sig bag fin.png

*In Portugal, the average amount you would expect to be paid if you worked in a local clothing retailer is 3,5€ per hour

So, as you can see we change from 25.45€ to 16.20€ (I would still not buy this bag for 16 €, but it’s an improvement!). Then, I change the retail price to 29.90€, a little lower than it should actually be, but I need to be fair to the clients. I also double the time, because my hot glue gun wasn’t working well and I also painted four coats of fabric paint (paint – let it dry – paint again) and that’s why I spent so much time on the process of making this bag.

And here’s the final reveal!


I don’t really like the final result, there was just to much that gone wrong but I’m really proud that I learn how to made something from scratch, made it and be able to share it with you guys! Do you understand now why I wouldn’t pay 16€ for this bag? A lot of things went wrong, specially with the fabric paint! Initially I thought of making it totally black, only with the pocket, but then we had another assignment that require us to make a striped fabric with a technique that we wanted, so I did it like they taught us early in the course – with washitape and paint. Wrong choice, obviously. Here’s more details:


As you can see the washitape didn’t stick, the limits of the strip are to crooked. Also, for that silver to pop I had to do 4 coats of paint, and it’s not even yet. Anyway, it was worth the effort!

I hope you enjoy this series on ‘how to make a signature bag’! What did you think of my creation? Are you thinking of doing a signature bag for yourself?

Tell me on the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*

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