Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 4

Hello Everyone!

Here’s another ‘Have you seen it?’. This week’s episode aired on October 6th and it was called “Sink or Swim”. The challenge consisted on making a swimsuit and a cover-up inspired by Heidi Klum new line “Heidi Swim”, but there was a twist – they had to create their own print to use on their creations!

I like when these type of activities happen, because they only have 15 to 30 minutes in Mood, and for me that’s a few amount of time for choosing the fabrics, the colors, the acessories, the zippers, etc. I now that time management must be considered in this industry, but I think it’s really cool when the designers can make their own print, and with that, having more control of the garment. And this twist was a good compliment since they already had to work with an imposed inspiration, this way the production gave them a little creative freedom.

During the process Heidi Klum accompanied Tim Gunn on the critiques. The guest judge this week was the eighteen year old Lucky Blue Smith, who depite his age, already has a huge modeling career – he did runways for Fendi, Emporio Armani, Balmain, Tom Ford (and so on) and numerous campaigns for companies like H&M, Gap and Calvin Klein.

Let’s start the show!

Roberi Parra – Cover-up!


Roberi (32) studied Fashion Design in Venezuela and United Kingdom. His swimsuit was really beautiful, I think its flattering and the print is very cute – maybe you can’t see it in the photo, but it’s inspired by the Macau Bird, with colorfull feathers in a black backgroung. The cover-up was very light and simple, but it was stunning (I personally love that color). Zac Posen said what’s really important for this particular challenge – it looked very expensive, that would catch up the clients eye and it would sell on Heidi’s line.

Alex Snyder – Another second Place


I already talked about Alex in previous review, I think he’s a brilliant tailor and the print is cute. I applaud him for making a print based on his tatoos, that was a bold move that gives the piece a personal style and makes it more unique. Neverthless, it doesn’t make me feel anything. It’s a blue and white pattern, with a bohemian dress cover-up that I fell that I’ve seen a thousand times and a matching swimsuit underneath. Alex proved again that he can design and sew, but for me it’s just a really good outfit, not a memorable one. For exemple, I’ll never forget the huge bow shirt he did on episode 2, so he has proved that he can do it.

Rik Villa – Winner of the Challenge


Rik (31) has been sewing since he was 13, but he went fo FIDM to specialize in Fashion Design. I’m disappointed that you can’t see the cover-up but check out the episode so you can see how that works, that pants were amazing. Nina said it was a memorable piece but I don’t agree – on the runway it didn’t surprised me, but if I saw it on the beach, I would thought that the woman wearing it was super powerfull. That geometric print is gorgeous. For that and business wise, I think this garment will be a best seller on Heidi’s line.

Sarah Donofrio – Auf Wiedersehen


Every judge hated this one. Every bit of it. I understand what the judges said, but I didn’t agree at all. First, the print – everyone said it was childish, but I loved the illustration! In my opinion, the style that she put together (with the JustFab accessory wall and hair & make-up) is really cool – not for everyone – for a teen/young woman (you’re not going to see a 40 year old wearing it, but I think it can appeal to a lot of young adults). The cover-up was fine for me, it’s not very well made (on the episode you can see that the colorblocking are not perfectly sewed on) but it’s fun and “summery”. The critique that I could make, is about the bottom part – I think if the pants were a little bit more bellow the waist it would match better with the whole concept. Fitting wise, that bra looks amazing! With all that said, she souldn´t been sent home.

Jenni Riccetti – You better make it work next time!


For me, she was clever in her approach. Heidi said “The perfect swimsuit has the power to transform a woman’s confidence”. Jenni had that in consideration and tried to make a swimsuit that could fit well in various body shapes. I hate the color and the print. Nina said the print reminded her of a yoga mat, and that can’t be good. Nina also said that the “sportiness” of the bra doesn’t match the sweetness of the bottom – I disagree, if the fabric was differente, that “colision” of style could have turned out real pretty. In terms of fitting, I think this one was the most sucessfull – both pieces fit perfectly on the model, specially the top.

Tasha Henderson – Saved so Far


Tasha (33) has been taught by her mother. I kind of like her way of thinking, from what I watched in the previous episodes, but she hasn’t done  any outstanding work so far in the competition. Personally, I think she should have been sent home this week. For me, this swimsuit was the worst of them all. The print was awfull, it didn’t transmited the vibe that she wanted it to. It didn’t fit well on the model, the top was too small for her boobs, the bottom was just a regular cut with a black seem. Despite that, I liked the way Tasha styled it, loved the hair, make-up and those strapped sandals are very cool. The cover-up was fine too, just simple, black and sheer – which was very surprising for Nina that Tasha chose black for the cover-up (didn’t understand why, I wear black every season of the year, I think it was a normal cover-up). But since the focus of the challenge was the swimsuit, I think this one was the worst.

These were my opinions about last week’s episode!

What did you think of this challenge? Let me know in the comments or in my social media!

See you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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