How to do your “signature bag” – Part 1

Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you the first part of the theme ‘How to do your “signature bag”‘. On my Fashion Industry Essentials certificate by Teen Vogue X Parsons, I had to do a serie of assignments that colminated on a finished homemade handbag. In this two-part conversation I’ll explain you all the process. Let’s begin!

So, the assignment 1 and 2 of Course 2 – Thinking like a designer were taking a photo of various objects that spoke to use, and then design a bag inspired by that image. The following are my inspiration and my sketch:

On course 3 – Understanding fashion production they asked us to do a mockup of the bag, we could use the materials that we wanted – papel, muslin or oaktag. I used blak paper because i had it at home. Here’s my mockup:


The goal on doing a mockup is to calculate the amount of materials that you are going to need to produce the real sample of the product. With my mockup I learned that I need the following items to produce it: 1 yard of fabric, 2 meters of chain, a zipper and fabric paint (not counting the sewing accessories like needles, threads, etc). Now, let’s calculate how much would I spend producing it, using the same method I shared with you in a past post:


*In Portugal, the average amount you would expect to be paid if you worked in a local clothing retailer is 3,5€ per hour

As you can see, to make my bag with few accessories (and not the most expensive ones, I could have used materials like fabric leather and embellishments) I would spend 25.45€ (even if I don’t count the time, it would be 21.95€). Now, considering that the retail price should be double the total cost + profit, the proposal retail price of this budget would be 43.90€ !! That’s an incredible number, I would never buy a bag with this characteristics for that price. This, again, proves how expensive it is to made a living out of this business, and how difficult it is to live in an economy where clothes are so expensive (or where we have such a low salary).

What do you think of the process of making your own bag?

Don’t forget to check out the blog for the second part of this theme, and comment your opinions on my social media!

See you soon*


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