Production Standards – Size is Relative

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to talk to you about size fitting. We all know from experience that the size of the clothes is relative, comparing the pieces from different styles or brands. The production standards were implemented due to factory issues – it is more easy and less expensive to mass produce the pieces, therefore, the machines need to have precise clothes sizes to manufacture them.

Although it is known that clothes should have a 1/2″ tolerance due to human error and fabric stretch. Even so, some brands/corporations/designers make the clothes smaller than the standard sizes decreed and with that they try to change what it is considered beauty or fashion – the clients go like “omg I used to fit in a size 6 and now I only fit in a size 8, I need to lose weight”. I think this is wrong in so many ways! First, I think companies use women’s insecurities to sell them garments – that’s just how marketing works anyways, but when ready-to-wear brands go modifying their clothes just to implement a new sense of fashion and continue selling them with standard sizes is just corrupt. I don’t need to fit in a certain piece from any brand, I wear the clothes, they don’t wear me!

For example, in terms of pants, I wear them from size 10 to 16, depending on the brand and the fabric. On Primark I wear a size 14/16 (depending if the jeans are skinny or normal), on C&A and Mango I wear a size 10/12, and so on – I could be here all day telling all my clothes size. For this Teen Vogue x Parsons assignment, we needed to go to a large clothing retailer that carries a number of different brands, and try on different pieces to see how they would fit. Then, we should find our size, choose a piece and to try on identical items, to see if the fit right. I head down to the MO ( near my house and try on some clothes. Here’s the results of my research trip:


I took some pairs of pants, all in the same size, to see how they would fit me. First, I wouldn’t buy any of these pieces because I didn’t like the way any of them fit me! I chose the number that was the closest to my actual size, and try on different pairs but in similar style. Second, it very hard for me to find clothes that fit, I usually have to make adjustments at home on height, width and so on – I’m little chubby, with big boobs and large thighs but I’m only 5 ft   1 1/32 inch tall! So the legs and sleeves are always too long, sometimes pants fit on the legs but not on the butt, a lot of complications that only girls can understand. All the pants are longer than expected, but as I explained that’s normal for me so I’m not making the lenght an issue. So let’s hear the veridict!

The Red – Cute pants, totally awfull on the crotch;

The black suited pant (top row) – Very tight on the waist, good on the legs. The height of the pants just hit me right, maybe this one were an ankle length pant!;

Baggy Blue Ones (top row) – I’m too short for this kind of pants, they were large all the way to my feet, don’t flatter me at all! Awfull on the leg, specially near the knees;

Blue Jeans – The cutest of all, a little tigher on the hips and waist, comparing to the red ones. The red’s fabric were more stretchy that this one. Although, I consider this one the winner!

Black Jeans – Cute on the hanger, not so much on me. Too baggy above the knee and the crotch area.


With that being said, the winner of the pant competition is the blue jeans! This was an hard task, I’m not the kind of person that enjoys trying clothes on but I learned a lot from this experience! I’m definitely going to look to shopping in a different way.


What do you think about this matter? Do you agree with the decisions companies do about size standards?

Let me know on the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*

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