Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 3

Hello Everyone!

Here’s another ‘Have you seen it?’. The episode 3 aired on September 29th and the guest judge of this episode was the model Jaime King! I already knew her from her modeling career, but was when she started acting that I really noticed her. I absolutely loved her in Hart of Dixie, it was such a funny and entertaining tv show and I was super upset when it got cancelled! Moving on…

This week’s challenge was called “Blacklight or Daylight” and the goal was to design a garment for the working woman that can be used from day to night – but in this case, daylight to blacklight. For it to be a sucessfull outfit, the designers have to consider construction, fabric, color and shape that work in both lightening. Tim Gunn brought a new guest, Sherrianne James (VP of Marketing for Transitions Optical, which is a company that produces transitional lenses – from day light to night light – for your glasses), who came to present the price of the week – the winner of the challenge will appear with his/her garment in an exclusive fashion spread in Marie Claire Magazine. The designers also have to incorporate the Optical glasses on the outfit.

All the materials needed (neon textile paint, threads and other acessories) were available, as well as blacklight flashlights and a blacklight room, so the contestants can “test” the outfit before the runway show. Further they could also take the light to Mood, to test the fabrics. Enough of this introduction, let’s get started with the critique!

Erin Robertson – Winner of the Challenge

I’ve talked about her in every Project Runway post, but her art keeps standing out from the others! Her concept was “Sweet by Day, Slutty by Night”, when the blacklight hits the outfit, the top disappears and you could only see the bra seams and the bottom of the dress. She also handmade the fabric, embroidering it with lace and creating a pattern. The painted details were spot on and all these things together revealled a versatile talent that we haven’t seen from her. She ended up winning the challenge and has immunity for next week.

Cornelius Ortiz – Smiley Face

In the construction fase, when Tim Gunn came for the critique, his dress looked very cool, with a lot of geometric shapes and it was very promising. When it hit the runway, it was just a well constructed white dress. But it ended up being a “fenomenal transformation (Nina Garcia’s words), the smiley faces made it so fresh and edgy that none of the judges were indifferent to this outfit. He was on the top, but not so smiley – he thinks that Erin’s garment was not worthy of the first place, and that should come up in the next episode (the pressure is bringing the drama to the show).

Kimber Richardson – Auf Wiedersehen

Kimber (42) did her design training in The Art Institute of New York City. It was a cute dress, not one that I would buy, but it was ok. When the blacklight hits it didn’t change, the fabric wasn’t the right one for this challenge. Although her dress wasn’t the “worst” of the bunch for me, in terms of the challenge it was the most inconspicuous. For that, she was eliminated.


Jenni Riccetti – Hidden Talent

Jenni (22) is self-taught but she also took some classes at FIDM. She’s a very fun girl with the most remarkable laugh I ever heard. I thought this garment was beautifull. Was one of the most creative of all. The handpainted flowers on the transparent raincoat were stunning, the white edges on the coat were brilliant and she was very lucky, because even when the paint started to peel off the coat, it didn’t fall and the judges thought that it was giving the garment dimension and texture. She was, as I expected, on the top.

Laurence Basse – Saved by the Immunity

I’m not going to talk much about Laurence, I just wanted to show you how beautiful were the clothes that she designed this week, but she totally missed the challenge mark, it didn’t stand out at all! The judges didn’t made comments about it, but I think she could have been it trouble if there wasn’t “so many messes” this weeks.

Dexter Simmons – Still Trying

Dexter (32) went to FIDM and he’s commited to win Project Runway. I didn’t talked about him yet because I didn’t liked his clothes that much, but he’s been very notorious on the show – always making conversation with and about the collegues (he’s not trashing them or anything, just making comments about the work, but it can lead to another places) and always wanting to be Number 1. On the last episode, he said something like “I’m here to win, not to be second best” which made me resent him a little. I think ambition and confidence are impressive qualities in a person, but it doesn’t have to become arrogance. Everybody is there to win, but you should be more gratefull of this opportunity. Anyway, I just wanted you to see how amazing his garment turned out! I didn’t like the design (I thought it was a little “tacky”, with the fringe, the heels and the earings) but it totally looked awesome in the blacklight! Although his aesthetic isn’t my personal favorite, he completely rocked this challenge for me.


These were my opinions about last week’s episode!

What did you think of this challenge? Let me know in the comments ou in my social media!

See you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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