Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 2

Hello Everyone!

Here’s another ‘Have you seen it?’. The episode 2 aired on September 22nd and the guest judge of this episode was Nina Dobrev, former The Vampire Diaries actress.

On this week’s episode, called “Just Fabulous”, Tim Gunn shows up  to present the challenge with a special guest, Chief Marketing Officer of JustFab (which collaborates on the show with their acessory wall) Traci Inglis. The inspiration for this challenge is based on the JustFab philosophy – ‘We are Fab for all”, which mean designing for the everyday women, who come in every size, shape and age. The challenge was to create a look that can appeal to a variety of clients. The special price of the week is to have their look reproduced and selled on justfab.com. Now I’m going to present to you the looks that spoke to me the most!

Alex Snyder – Corporative Bow


Alex was the first designer to be finished on shopping at mood this week. We was decided about the shape and fabric that he wanted to use. It ended up being a little different from the sketch, but I think the big bow worked really good with the outfit. Nina Garcia loved the bow and totally would wear it. When I saw it for the first time, I immediately thought “business women”. Although, as Zac Posen reffered, the porportions and volumes are fun but not revolutionary, and for that he didn’t won, despite being in the high score group.

Cornellius Ortiz – The Saved (again)


I loved this outfit. The structure in the back almost recreating an hood was gorgeous. The mixture of the patterns was beautiful and the red shoes worked really well. Despite not making it to the high score, I thought this was a pretty little dress again (check out my post about the previous episode).

Erin Robertson – Still on the lead


She’s becoming one of my favorite contestants so far. She decided to take that “variety” concept and designed a dress that could be use in two ways – it could be used in a large confortable look or it could be used in a more fitted version, with  a mechanism on the waist. On the critique, Tim Gunn didn’t liked the sequence on the side, but I’m glad se stood up with that idea, it shows the outfit in a more classic aprroach. With the belt closed, I thought it was really fun because it exagerates even more the big sleve and the color popping. She did create a cocktail dress out of neoprene, for that she was worthy of the first spot.

Laurence Basse – Winner of the Challenge


Laurence (41) studied fashion design for six years in Paris. Her aesthetic is very stong and clean, representing a very confident client. This week’s jumpsuit was awesome, she intended to give it a little loose, which concerned Tim Gunn, as he asked her if she thought that garment could appeal to a large range of women (with diferent sizes, because a loose and “baggie” jumpsuit doesn’t fit good in a lot of shapes). Every judge loved this look, calling it edgy and fresh. In the end, her look was the most fab of them all!

Linda Marcus – Auf Wiedersehen


Her concept was so good but the result was too basic and not form fitted. Linda started thinking about the challenge in a personal perspective ” I am an everyday woman, what kind of strugles do I have with my own clothes?”, which was great because she’s a middle-age working mom, with kids to pick up, groceries to buy, laundry to do, and sometimes it’s difficult to find a good fitted outfit that is versatile and can be wore in various activities. The fabric was a dangerous choice, because sweater knit isn’t the most flattering – even to the model! The urban kimono, for me, was a great idea with the wrong dress and the wrong fabric. She ended up going home, which was a little sad because she was the one with the real life experience to win this challenge.

Mah-Jing Wong – The Edgy


Mah-Jing (28) is self-taught and later attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He auditioned for Project Runway four times, and each one he got closer and closer, and finally, he’s on the show. Although I haven’t talked about him so far, I was really interested in his previous work. This denin jacket dress with the skirt underneath really works for me, and the bag gives it the perfect pop of color, matching the shoes and confer texture to the outfit. She looks like a cool urban edgy girl.

These were my opinions about last week’s episode!

What did you think of this challenge? Let me know in the comments ou in my social media!

See you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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