Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 1

Hello Everyone!

Here’s another ‘Have you seen it?’. Due to personal reasons I couldn’t update the reviews in time, so this week there’ll be two episodes in review, the 15×01 and the 15×02 of Project Runway. Let’s get started!

The episode 1 was aired on September 15th, just like the introduction episode, and it was called “An Unconventional Launch Party”. There was the regularcocktail party where the cast meet up for the first time, and get to personally know their mentor, Tim Gunn, and Project Runway host Heidi Klum. The party was the starting point of the challenge – there was no sketching time and no trip to Mood – this week’s challenge was the unconventional challenge, and the decorations that were in the toom would be the materials. As usual, the contestants went crazy, grabbing everything that they could in just 5 minutes (five minutes? Are you kidding? Nearly impossible!). So here’s the garments that stood out the most in their category – Best, Saved and Worst.

Erin Robertson – Winner of the Challenge


She was one of my favorites in the introduction episode and she continues the path of surprising me. First she start to grab all these crazy wigs and gumballs and everyone was like “how the hell will she manage to design a garment with that material without looking ridiculous?”. But she did it. Then, she spent most of her time cutting the gumballs in half, so she could glue them to the dress. By the time Tim Gunn arrived for the first mentoring moment she had nothing to show, and in the model fitting moment she only had a skirt. The final result was the most original and it paid off. As I already noticed in Erin’s audition, the color seems to be her signature.

Cornelious Ortiz – Pretty Little Dress


Cornelius (24) has a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Retailing. He grabbed all these plastic plates and silk flowers from the party decorations and managed to make a beatiful cocktail dress. I couldn’t get the original sketch (I don’t know if he even did one), but I thought the colar and the back were stunning. He ended up being saved, but I think it was a good job, not inovative, but good.

Ian Hargrove – Auf Wiedersehen


Ian (30) doesn’t have a finished fashion degree, so he’s mostly self taught. His concept was about the pictures, the polaroids and mesh photo screens that he took from the room. I didn’t think it was a bad dress, it just had less construction compared to the others. Even Tim Gunn alerted him that the dress seemed a little basic, giving him advice to make it more full, integrating the pattern better in the dress. Ian rejected his opinion, argumenting with the fact that his personal aesthetics didn’t include avantgarde. I didn’t liked his attitude, I think that in order to win $100,000 you need to prove that you are versatile – it’s not about being avantgarde, is about making an avantegarde version of my own product. It was a dress made of pillow tassels, with ripped photos doing a striped pattern on front. With that in mind, the judges ended up sending him home.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments ou in my social media!

See you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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