Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 0

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new segment “Have you seen it?”. Whenever I watch a TV show or a movie that I consider relevant to the theme of the blog – whether it’s fashion, make-up, design and so on – I’ll be doing a review for you.

On September 15th, Lifetime premiered the new season of Project Runway. This is one of my favorite reality tv shows, I love it all – the contestants, the challenges, the inspirational roadtrips, the visits to Mood, the judges, the prices, the auf wiedersehen (I hope this is spelled correctly – sorry Heidi!), everything! So I watched every single season as they come out, even the spinoffs – Threads, All Stars, Junior, etc.

Now that I’ve explained what’s coming up the following weeks, let’s begin!

On this episode “Road to the Runway”, Tim Gunn introduces us the contestants that will enter the show (and sometimes some of the designers who didn’t make the cut). You get to see the auditions and a little bit about their personal lives and their road so far. So here’s the designers’ work which catched my eye (too soon to talk about the designers, maybe on the next review):

Erin Robertson (29) has a BFA in Fashion Design and Fiber Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She loves color and playing with diferent textiles. For me, the thing that made her stand out from the others was that she works with another artist and she takes his/her paintings and creates the textiles that are in the photos below. The result is magnificent and it makes me very happy to see artists combining their strong individual skills to make beautiful pieces.


Alex Snyder (30) has a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Design and a Master’s of Fine Art in Design with a minor in Merchandising. His work is all about craftsmanship and conceptual design. He’s a very low profile in his own style (all black fitted pieces) but I find his work so complex and fascinating, he takes a new approach on antique silhouettes and references and make them so powerfull.

Linda Marcus (55) is a former tv news presenter and she is self-taught when it comes to designing and sewing. She believes that it is time to change her life and pursue her dreams. Her work aesthetics is an interesting approach to androgyny and I really liked the way she presented her point of view. I think it’s really amazing when a designer with no academic or technical trainning can do such an unique work – this gives me (a mere aspiring artist) the strength to believe in my own ideas and to find the motivation to keep practicing.

Well, these were my favorite pieces of this first episode! On the next episodes I’ll be comenting on the designers, the challenges and the judges’ decisions!

Seen you soon*


Image Credits: mylifetime.com





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